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Your Experienced Colorado Tax Law Firm in the
Boulder & Steamboat Springs Areas

Your Experienced Colorado Tax Law Firm in the Boulder & Steamboat Springs Areas

Tax Law Issues

Tax law issues can be a huge burden on your life, as they are often difficult to understand and navigate. We are here to help you understand what you are dealing with and help you through it every step of the way.

Federal or State... Our Tax Lawyer Can Handle It

When you are dealing with the IRS or Colorado tax law issues, we are here to help you through it! With more than 15 years of experience, no issue is too big or small.

Help with IRS Tax Law Issues

The IRS can sometimes seem like a schoolyard bully, but they don't scare us. You need an IRS lawyer who knows the IRS from the inside.

We Know the IRS From the Inside

Attorney Patricia Komor spent 9 years litigating for the IRS and trained their agents on how to navigate the law. This IRS experience and knowledge makes her particularly well equipped to take them on and fight for you!

General Inquiries

The legal world is a complicated one, and tax law is especially complicated! As both a tax lawyer and accountant, Attorney Patricia Komor has the experience to easily navigate this complicated world on your behalf.

We're Here For You

You never know until you ask. Attorney Patricia Komor explains tax law issues in non-tax lawyer terms. Even if you may not end up needing our legal services, we are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your IRS or Colorado tax issues.
Colorado Tax Attorney Patricia Komor

Bentley College, B.S Accountancy, Summa Cum Laude
Boston College Law School, Juris Doctor, Summa Cum Laude
University of Denver, LLM in Taxation

Let us put our tax expertise to work for you!

As an IRS lawyer, Patricia Komor spent 9 years litigating for the IRS in Tax Court. During this time as an IRS tax attorney, she also trained IRS auditors and collection employees. Attorney Komor understands the rules and procedures that must be followed by the IRS employees who are most likely to be contacting you.

If the IRS has contacted you, you want representation from a tax relief attorney who:

  • Understands how the IRS operates;
  • Knows the rules the IRS must operate within;
  • Possesses an awareness of what the IRS looks for in order to settle a case;
  • Knows how to effectively deal with the IRS to resolve tax issues.

As an experienced tax relief attorney, Ms. Komor understands these issues and will advocate strongly on your behalf.  Ms. Komor handles IRS issues including:

  • IRS audit letters;
  • IRS Collection due process letters;
  • IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien;
  • IRS Notice of Intent to Levy
  • Federal tax liens;
  • IRS levies;
  • Innocent spouse filings;
  • Foreign bank account compliance and reporting (FBAR);
  • Installment agreements;
  • Offers in compromise;
  • Income tax issues with the Colorado Department of Revenue;
  • Many more federal and Colorado income tax issues.

A Resource for All Tax Professionals

Attorney Patricia Komor is available to help accountants and CPA’s with general tax law questions. We supports the accounting community and are ready to help with federal tax, Colorado tax law, and IRS issues. We value building relationships with tax professionals, and can be a resource when you have a simple question, or your lawyer when you have an issue. When you need an attorney who has advanced training and experience in both accounting and tax law, contact the Komor Law Firm.

Dedicated to serving you and your tax issues

Because Komor Law Firm is a boutique tax practice, you will always receive prompt, personal attention. Ms. Komor prides herself on her attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. Attorney Komor handles all aspects of representation personally – your situation is not handled by a paralegal or shifted between associates. Tax attorney Komor is there from beginning to end and is familiar with all aspects of your case.  Because of this, she is able to efficiently and effectively represent you, with strong results and minimizing costs in mind at all times.

Free Consultations

Having an initial free consultation with Attorney Komor is the best way to learn more about your IRS or Colorado tax issue. She’s always happy to take a call from a potential client, and help them determine whether they need her services. Sometimes you get a letter from the IRS that needs immediate attention. Sometimes it’s a simple form that needs to be filled out or fee that needs to be paid. Ms. Komor will provide a straightforward consultation (in plain non-tax attorney language) about your tax issue, all without you spending a dime.

Call us today at 303.819.0599 to receive the personal attention from a tax relief lawyer that your issue deserves!

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